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Fixed Stars

People have looked at the sky for thousands of years and often dreamed about visiting on of the stars in the heavens. A lot of us have wonder just how big they really were. That is why were visited Rense.Com and got the following information. We really appreciate the information for all our stargazers who have ever wondered what it really was like on one of the stars. It is interesting that people will blindly accept information just because they say it is true. If we compare one of the Astroids such as Ceres or Chiron to Antares. The astroid in comparison would be smaller than a pin head on a needle. If you have any comments about this, feel free to contact us. We will post your comment about these Fixed Stars.

 Our Solar System Without the Sun 


Jupiter in relationship to size of Earth


Sun in relationship size to Jupiter


Arcturus in relationship size to our Sun


Antares in relationship size to Arcturus


So, I guess size really does matter in the Universe with Antares being the biggest Fixed Star in the Sky. If we go further out into the Universe, I am sure that there are even bigger Stars than Antares.



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