This video shows footage of the Coro Bizantino de San Juan Damasceno (Byzantine Choir of Saint John of Damascus). They are part of the patriarchate [More]
This is the best bonus I’ve had on this slot. Usually when I get a bonus playing max bet I don’t even get one 5 [More]
For educational use to teach about Alexander the Great in my classroom. Music & video for educational entertainment only. Get the real song “Everybody Wants [More]
Greek Civil War – Modern Greek History – Documentary Part 1 of 6 Latest World News Net Please Subscribe LatestWorldNewsNet Macedonia’s left-wing opposition are demanding a cut of $260m. So far police in the capital Skopje have [More]
Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632 — 1687) “Bellerophon” Christophe Rousset
A brand new song from series 4 of the BBC children’s sketch comedy series Horrible Histories!
FYROMS have been dishonestly claiming Alexander the Great as their own. See the historical proof that Alexander was a Pellan Greek, from HELLENIC Macedonia…which is [More]
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We examine the Greek economic crisis from a different angle — from the perspective of poets, and through the prism of history, modern and ancient. [More] Click here to watch IG Extended: Capcom Captivate Event 2012 Rome! IG Extended: God of War Ascension Interview w/ Todd Papy & Mark Simon [More]
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