Greek mythology theme song

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YES, I KNOW KRONUS IS NOT A GOD BUT IT WOULD OF BEEN WEIRD TO PUT ‘THEME SONG TO THE GREEK GODS AND ONE TITAN’ AND I WANTED TO ADD KRONUS OK. OH AND I KNOW I MAY HAVE SPELT A FEW THINGS WRONG BUT I REALLY DO NOT CARE AND THERE IS ABOUT 2000 DIFFERENT TYPES OF SPELLINGS FOR THEIR NAMES SO STFU AND GTFO. Zeus-Panic! At The Disco-Hurricane- I love this song and as soon as I thought of Zeus, this song popped into my head! Poseidon-The Little Mermaid-Under the sea- Well. Its UNDER DA SEA. So. Why not? Hades-AC DC-High way to hell- Typicallllllll Hera- Rihanna-Only girl in the world- Zeus is always having children with other women but Hera hasn’t had any children because she just wants Zeus. Athena-Selena Gomez-Tell me something I don’t know- It’s not my favourite song but it fitted alright and It is true! Aphrodite-Scouting For Girls-She’s so lovely-I was going to do something like ‘Barbie Girl’ Or ‘Beautiful Girls’ but this song is different so I gave it a shot. Ares-All Time Low-Time Bomb- I guess a more angry song would of been better but Ares is kind of like a time bomb, You don’t know when he’s going to explode in anger. Hephaestus-N-Dubz -Playing with fire- HE’S PLAYING WITH FIRE!…..well technically..he is.. Demeter- Priscilla Ahn-Dream- I had no idea what to do for Demeter but I decided with this, doesn’t fit very good but I had no other ideas. Dionysus-Fall Out Boy-Dance Dance- The best one would be ‘I like to move it, move it’ as he loves to party, but I wanted to


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