The Greek God of Fertility




Who Was Artemiss?

"The Story of Love and War"


Artemiss was the lesser known brother of Apollo and Athena. The three were Apollo, Athena and Artemiss. Zeus was their father, their mother was Leto.  Athena is known to have helped deliver her mother's children Apollo and Artemiss. Little is known of him but he was renowned for his ability to procreate children. He would find young Greek maidens in the Greek countryside by the ocean and entice them into making love and having one of his children. There are many stories of these three and most of them are conflicting. The closest thing that has ever been found is a statue found in Cape Atemision, Greece. Identity is unknown, many suggestions of identity such as Zeus and Poseidion, but the statue does not match any known Greek coin in history, fresco, statue or picture of them. It could be Artemiss as far as we know because it was found by Artemision, Greece.

artemissArtemiss's children were known for their great talents of warfare. They all became great warriors because Athena looked after all of them. She believed her brother Artemiss should be responsible and stop enticing young Greek Maidens and having more children. Athena gained her second  reputation of being the "Protector of Children" because of taking care of all of Artemiss's children. She also know to have taken care of her own mother Leto also.

Athena taught Artemiss's children how to be Greek Warriors like herself. Artemiss is known to have had over a hundred children. Their names have been lost but the story was hidden in antiquity because his sister Athena did not like him enticing the young Greek Maidens. She was embarrassed by his behavior of enticing young Greek Maidens into having one of his children. She thought her brother should be more like her and be a Warrior.

greek column

Artemiss did not believe in war like his sister Athena did. He was the original Greek God that believed you should make love and not war. This was unpopular during ancient Greek Times. Being a warrior was popular with the Greek Culture. War was part of their culture. That is why she is called Athena the Warrior to make up for what her brother Artemiss did not do. Athena is known to have been constantly at odds with other men because of her constant competitiveness. She had a lot of problems with men until she met Orion. Orion was her first and only great love. Orion was killed by Athena because of a bet she had with Apollo her brother. Her real weakness was her inability to control her combative side which killed her one true love in life, Orion.

Artemiss is known to have been good friends with Astarte and Ceres. There are no real likenesses of him in bust form, but he is known to been tall and very handsome. Legend has it that young Greek Maidens still go to the Greek countryside by the ocean hoping to meet him for their first true love in life. His legend lives on in Greek Myth and Greek Folk Tales of his many exploits. His smile and words would entice them into having making love and having another child for him. He was known as the God of Fertility in ancient Greek Times. Today it is a myth from ancient times.




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